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BREAKING EMAIL NEWS: Secret Service, Hillary Clinton, and Biden Movements Leaked By Hackers

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    My name is H.


    Goodman and I’m an author, columnist, and journalist
    Email Hack Details Movements of Joe Biden, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton's IT Guy Made This Common Mistake
    Hillary Clinton’s IT guy asked Reddit for help altering emails, a Twitter sleuth claims
    Redditors Believe They’ve Found a Smoking Gun in Clinton Email Saga
    Computer Specialist Who Deleted Clinton Emails May Have Asked Reddit for Tips
    Someone show this to Vox:
    Worried About WikiLeaks? Hillary Clinton Sold 20% of America's Uranium to Russia and Vladimir Putin
    Here are All 35 Things Hillary Clinton Told the FBI She Could Not Remember
    Clinton tells FBI she could not recall all briefings on preserving documents
    Clinton says could not recall all briefings due to concussion: FBI report
    AP FACT CHECK: Clinton email claims collapse under FBI probe
    DNC Party with the Washington Post: Was It a Joint Fundraiser?
    DNC Communications Director Ordered Anti-Sanders Article Be Shared 'Without Attribution'
    Wikileaks proves DNC conspired against Bernie Sanders!
    Goodman Says Bernie Sanders Still Has a Chance
    Goodman Goes After Pro-Clinton Media Bias
    This segment correlates also to my appearances on CNN and MSNBC:


    Goodman on MSNBC


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    Goodman on CNN New Day

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