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Kayne West's Most Hilarious Tweets And Quotes

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Entertainment

    Kayne West has been on a roll with his Twitter rants, his most recent being with Deadmau5.

    Here's looking at some of the most hilarious Twitter moment's he has had.

    In February, Kayne West called himself more influential than Picasso.

    Earlier, he said that Keeping Up with the Kardasians should have won an Emmy by now.

    He once called himself the Steve Jobs of internet, downtown, fashion and culture.

    Recently he took digs at Wiz Khalifa, accusing him of plagiarizing and calling his first single corny.

    He even dragged Amber Rose into the feud, which upset many people, especially women, because his attacks were distasteful.

    And, of course, he even tried to accuse Taylor Swift of making her famous, implying he deserves credit for her song.

    How far do you think Kayne will continue to go with his Twitter war? Do you think his wife Kim Kardashian needs to step in to keep him in check? Let us know by commenting below.
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