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Top 5 fastest ball in the History of cricket 2015-16

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    Top 5 fastest ball in the History of cricket 2015-16
    in this video you can watch world top 5fastest balls ever played by cricketers fast bowleling include shoaib akhter,brait lee,shanu tait,jeff thomson, and top ball is km/s
    #jeff thomson
    #shoaib akhter
    #fastest balls
    Fast bowling sometimes known as pace bowling, is one of the two main approaches to bowling in the sport of cricket.

    The other is spin bowling.

    Practitioners are usually known as fast bowlers, fastmen, pace bowlers, quicks, or pacemen, although sometimes the label refers to the specific fast bowling technique the bowler prefers, such as swing bowler or seam bowler.
    #jeff thomson
    #shaun tait km/s
    #shanu tait km/s
    #shoaib akhter km/s
    #Top 5fastest ball
    The aim of fast bowling is to bowl the hard cricket ball at high speed and to induce it to bounce off the pitch in an erratic fashion or move sideways through the air, factors which make it difficult for the batsman to hit the ball cleanly.

    A typical fast delivery has a speed in the range of 137–153 km/h (85–95 mph).
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