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Remotely driving a Tesla vehicle using an app (Summons/AutoPark)

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  • Uploaded 1 year ago in the category Education

    Tesla added an interesting "Summons" feature that allows you to park your car while standing outside of your vehicle using your keyfob.

    I'm currently working on a new version of my "Remote S for Tesla" app that would allow you to move the car forward and reverse even without being near the car at all.

    The official app requires that you stand next to the car, but Remote S can bypass that requirement.

    I could imagine freaking people out at the grocery parking lot with this feature.

    Since Remote S also works on the Apple Watch, I could very well be one of the first people to remotely drive a car from a watch in real life.
    Download Remote S for Tesla at the App Store:
    In other news:
    I figured out how to trigger the HomeLink garage opener remotely from Remote S.

    Again, the official Tesla app requires that you stand next to the garage to open it.

    But Remote S allows you to bypass that requirement and lets you trigger the HomeLink anywhere in the world.

    It also bypasses Tesla's requirement that the car is in "Park" and is not charging.

    I could picture a scenario where that could be useful.

    For example, if the car is charging and I want to open the garage door from the outside, I no longer have to tap my PIN into the garage opener.

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